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July 17th, 2006
Daemonica Walkthru
by Scorpia

Act I – Blind Justice

This isn’t all that a long a game. It can seem that way because of all the herb-gathering you have to do. Also, you can become stuck if you don’t talk to everyone, or forget to tell someone something. I had a hard time for awhile in Act II because I forgot to talk to Baker after finding out the thief’s identity. BIG mistake there.

By the way, the herbs regenerate over time, but you never know which ones will be turning up, or where. Watersleep is easiest to find; just stroll along all the streams, the river in the swamp, the ponds (lakes?) and you’ll find some. Tears of Stone are found in the rocky areas across the bridge in the monastery area (upper and lower). The rest can turn up anywhere, even in town. So take your time and look everywhere.

I have included four screenshots, considerably lightened up, to show locations of the items that were most difficult for me to find.

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