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October 25th, 2006
Are You A Sid Meier Fan?
by Scorpia

Well, I’m not, but then you all know I don’t do strategy games ;) Actually, I have a lot of respect for Sid, who has managed to hang on in this industry since the 80’s, and has produced any number of quality products. He’s also about the only one left whose name I recognize (sad, that).

There’s a nice Sid Meier Restrospective over on Gameworld Network. If you’re a fan, give it a read.

Sid Meier Retrospective

October 25th, 2006
The Big Index
by Scorpia

Folks, the number of posts on the site has grown to well over two hundred. It occurred to me that this makes it hard for recent visitors to see everything that’s here, even if they browse by category.

So I’ve just put up The Big Index. It has all (well almost all; I skipped some ephemeral stuff like the one about the mail problem) of the articles, by category, and of course the links are live ;). It’s there in the left-hand column, just under “Game Lair Home”.

I will, of course, be updating as each new post is added. Give it a try; you may find something you haven’t seen before.