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November 3rd, 2006
One Of Those Days
by Scorpia

Or maybe it should be, “One of those days”. I sat down this afternoon with the best of intentions to write an article. It wasn’t coming along too well, so I switched topics.

That one seemed to be stalled, too. Maybe it was the phonecalls. Calls in and calls out. Unusual for so many in one day. Must have disrupted my thought processes (a typical call either way lasts for something more than a few minutes).

So, ahem, no words of wisdom today. Next time, though, “best of intentions” is going to go sit in another room.

P.S. I did just find out that there will be an expansion pack of some kind for Titan Quest, supposedly to show up in first quarter 2007. That’s all anyone knows at the moment. So I guess the game had decent sales.