According to WordPress, this is post #1000. However, that doesn’t mean there are a thousand posts up here.

The actual count (including this one) is 770. I don’t know if that includes the static stuff on the left-hand side (that no one reads ;). But those are only a handful.

I just wonder from time to time why the two counts are so far apart. When the blog went up in test mode (hidden in a dark corner, far from prying eyes), naturally there were “tryout” postings.

Still, we certainly didn’t do 200+ of them. And I’ve noticed in the past that sometimes, a number is skipped. Like: 601, 602, 604. What happened to 603? Ah, sweet mystery of blog!

On the other hand, the actual count of 770 is just about right, as we opened in July ’06, and I’ve managed to have a post up each day, with a few skips, but then other days with two posts.

It’s a little scary I’ve been able to put up so much material at a regular rate. I didn’t work this hard when I wrote for CGW. Hate to think what it would have been like had they been online back then!

Of course, what really counts are the comments, which to date are over 6700. Just goes to show you folks talk (write?) more than I do ;) Keep those cards and letter coming!