What is? That’s the question. Just about every game has its annoying moments. But some irritating “features” tend to show up time and again.

One of my pet peeves, as many already know, is the overuse of cut-scenes. They’re okay at the start to set the story up, and again at the end for an epilogue (and/or Foozle’s demise). Beyond those two, videos should be used with a sparing hand.

Hordes Of The Underdark had too many cut-scenes, but there was one situation where they did it right. That was the siege of the “good Drow” city. You see an empty plain, then the enemy forces begin arriving. It showed just enough, and lasted just long enough, to get you ready for the fight (not to mention, make you a little nervous!).

What I dislike – okay, hate – most, though, are the scenes that show things you shouldn’t know. “Meanwhile, back at Evil HQ…” stuff. That comes right out of movies, and games aren’t movies, nor should they be treated as such.

Then there’s the “Emperor’s New Clothes Syndrome”, where the new character is sent out to save the world with hardly more than skivvies and a dagger.

Avernum 5 is only the latest to do that. Here your party is supposed to be trained Empire soldiers, yet they arrive at their post with nothing more than leather armor and a dagger. Since it’s hard to bring supplies down below, surely the Empire could equip its own warriors with some decent stuff before sending them off?

Speaking of stuff, where is it? The stuff the enemies were using two minutes ago to fight you. Funny how when they die, their equipment just disintegrates. What happened to the bows? The swords? The armor? Oh wait, I think we have one axe and a helmet here. Never mind that we just took out ten opponents, who looked well-armed and armored.

So those are a few of mine (there are others, of course). What about you? What are your pet peeves in games, those recurring “features” that make you grind your teeth and scream in anger?