Yes, work out the storyline for the next installment of Bard’s Ultimate Magic Pool Of Wizardry! Anyone can do it; just replace the stuff in parentheses with anything appropriate to create the plot.

The (adjective) (item) has been stolen by (name), the evil (being/class). You, a lowly first-level (profession) are the only one in the whole universe who can stop him/her/it.

Equipped with only (clothing) and a (item), you set out on your task. Along the way, you perform errands for the terminally helpless, such as (job), (job) and (job).

After hacking past armies of terrible opponents such as (monster), (monster), and (monster), you confront (name) in his/her/its lair. Decked out by now with (neato armor) and (neato weapon), you easily vanquish your foe and his horde of cannon-fodder (monsters).

Upon returning with the (adjective) (item), you are rewarded with (anything) and (anything). Congratulations on saving the world once again!

You need not include the parentheses in your write-up ;) So go ahead, do your own plot for the next killer RPG!