Some people play games. Some people watch television. If Trion World Network has its way, some people may be able to do both at the same time.

Exactly how isn’t clear yet. Trion has entered into a partnership with the SciFi channel to create a multi-platform MMOG that will somehow interconnect with a TV show.

Apparently, what happens in the game will be reflected in the TV show. How something like that can be controlled boggles the mind. Imagine trying to tie-in events in WoW with a TV program.

But, the company seems very gung-ho about it. And while you may not have heard of Trion, you probably know the president: Jon van Caneghem. Yep, the creator of Might & Magic is back doing games.

In fact, there’s a separate press release on the site announcing he’s working on a MMOG. Whether it’s the same one that hooks up with SCiFi isn’t mentioned.

JVC said: “By building an extensive event system and a server architecture that allows for dynamic change, we are creating completely new opportunities for creative game design. The game will live and change along with the players, evolving in response to their actions and the creativity of our design team.”

As usual, it sounds good. How all that will turn out, well, that may be something else again. Me, I’ll stick to my single-player games ;)

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