Take Two held a conference call for investors earlier today, and mention of Bioshock 3 was made.

Yeah, Bioshock 3, while the second one is still in the works, scheduled for a fall ’09 release. In case I hadn’t mentioned it before (tho I think I did), there will also be a Bioshock movie.

However, according to the call, they expect the movie will be released to coincide with B3 instead of B2. Nothing was said about when Bioshock 3 would see the light of day. Of course, that’s not surprising, but it would seem that the movie won’t be around any time soon.

Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take Two, apparently thinks Bioshock is good for a series, saying on the call that an “every two-year release would be optimal”. Going by the above, the movie would be out around 2011. Who knows if there will still be interest by then?

What do you think? Does Bioshock have what it takes to be a series? It wasn’t, in some ways, your typical shooter. Was it a one-hit wonder, or does it have legs?

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