Yesterday, kotaku posted a rumor that Lucasarts was laying off a substantial number of in-house staff. Today, that has been confirmed.

However, the official rep for Lucasarts, Margaret Grohne, declined to state a number. According to kotaku’s sources, that could be as much as 75-100 employees, including VP of Product Development Peter Hirschmann.

Despite the severe cuts, Grohne maintains that Lucasarts is “healthy”, and that “We are definitely committed to the internal studio.” Dropping what may be 80% of the staff doesn’t look like a commitment to me.

It seems more like a move to further outsourcing IP to cheaper development houses overseas. At the moment, Lucasarts has two in-house projects underway: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Fracture. Apparently, the teams working on those games are still intact.

Personally, if I were on one of those teams, I’d be brushing up my resume. Layoffs of this magnitude are not a good sign.

Big Layoffs at Lucasarts on kotaku