Codemasters is working on an action/RPG entitled Jason And The Argonauts. They claim it isn’t going to be “same-old same-old”, and Destructoid has posted four points that Codemasters has offered as proof.

One of the more startling points is: no inventory. Jason (our hero) walks around with just his armor and weapons. No backpack to hold any stuff. Anything “good” gets sent back to his ship, which apparently functions as his base of operations.

Of course, this isn’t entirely new. Shooters, for instance, are set up this way. In Doom, as an example, all you carried around was a selection of weapons and your armor, along with the occasional keycard to open up certain areas.

However, as a feature in an RPG, even an action/RPG, this is unusual. We’re so used to picking up items for sale or “use later”, it will take some getting used to, especially for those of us (who are legion) that suffer from “packrat syndrome”.

My guess is that there won’t be a lot of buying going on, and possibly not much in the way of picking up gold. In some respects, this could be a refreshing approach to the usual “gold problem”.

On the other hand, it seems that Jason will have to run back to the Argo any time he wants to switch out weapons and armor. That’s more realistic than carrying a complete armory in your “backpack of holding”, but I wonder how many players will find that tedious? Of course, we have no way of knowing at the moment how often this will need to be done.

Another difference is “favor of the gods”. Here, instead of running the usual side errands for gold/experience, you do it to gain the approval of one of the four Greek deities – Ares, Athena, Apollo, and Hermes – who are keeping an eye on you. If one is pleased, they grant you special abilities.

I like that idea myself. A nice twist on the usual, and inevitably boring, “help me, Obi-wan” jobs that so infest RPGs. Of course, some of those tasks may be boring, but at least we’re gaining brownie points with a god ;)

Anyway, check out the post and see what you think. It looks pretty good, except maybe for that mention of “lethal combat”…

Rise Of The Argonauts on Destructoid