Over at his blog Make It Big In Games, Jeff Tunnell has a post up on what it’s like to work for a big publisher.

It’s probable you won’t find many surprises in the piece. We’ve discussed some (if not most) of his points here in the past. However, Jeff has “been there, done that”, so it’s confirmation of what we already suspected (believed?) just from observation.

For anyone with dreams of programming glory working for the “big boys”, though, this should come as a rude awakening. Large or small, the games industry is tough on its employees. Tough in more ways than crunch mode.

The saddest part, to me, is that those large companies act the way they do, and yet make the big bucks from churning out junk. Not all of it junk, of course, but enough.

And now, with schools offering courses in various game industry jobs, there will be an even bigger pool of hopefuls the companies can screw over and burn out. Life in the big leagues. Ain’t it grand?

Working For Big Publishers on Make It Big In Games