Game sites around the ‘net are buzzing over the apparent “theft” of graphics from various products showing up in a PC adventure game called Limbo of the Lost.

Limbo comes from a developer called Majestic Studios, and is published through a small indie publisher, Tri Synergy. From what I’ve read, the game supposedly was in development for over ten years.

That does not, of course, explain the similarities in visuals between Limbo and other games, notably Oblivion. The original story broke on a site called GamePlasma, and from there traveled around with astonishing speed. Tri Synergy has apologized, and pulled the game from distribution, pending a response from Majestic. Seemingly, the people at Majestic are “taking a break” from their (ahem) hard work.

The real question is: what is going on here? Did Majestic really lift graphics from those other games? If so, for what reason? To see if anyone would really notice, as this is an adventure game? Or is this, as some people think, a sort of over-elaborate hoax or joke? Surely, the devs at Majestic couldn’t be so stupid as to believe this would go unnoticed?

Until a statement comes from Majestic, everything is speculation. In the meantime, the best write-up I’ve come across is over at rockpapershotgun. Check it out and see what you think.

Limbo Of The Lost on rockpapershotgun