Today, Stardock unveiled its new online digital distribution system for games and related software.

From the press release, it appears they put a lot of thought and work into this methodology. Especially from the buyer’s perspective, something those big companies always ignore in their frantic (and useless) CP efforts. From the press release:

“Impulse addresses these issues; once a user purchases a program, it is automatically associated with their Impulse account. Users can update or re-download a given program when they set up a new machine or as needed. In addition, Impulse allows users to associate programs with their Impulse accounts even if those programs weren’t purchased through Impulse. For example, a user who purchases a game from their local retailer or a different digital distribution service would be able to associate their purchase with Impulse if the program’s publisher takes advantage of the free option. Additionally, Impulse supports refunds for users who have technical issues with a game or application.”

Download on demand anytime? Refunds if the game doesn’t work on your system? Hoohah! Try getting a refund at your local store if the game wouldn’t run for you. I did find that one a bit startling myself, and hope it won’t come back to bite them (though I suspect they have a way of deactivating in this instance; they’d better!).

The only thing not clear in the quote above is what advantage you’d have by associating a retail purchase with your account, unless you’d be able to download the program via Impulse sometime in the future.

So for those who are interested (like you, Coyote ;), check out the following links:

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