Piracy, that is. Gamasutra has up an article examining the rampant piracy on the Nintendo DS. It’s bad over there.

The most telling point, though, is the attitude of the people who are helping themselves to these games. They see nothing wrong with it. For many, ethical considerations just don’t enter into the matter.

The article mentions that income is generally low and cost of living high. So in that sense, there is certainly an incentive to obtain games at a very low price: people simply buy an R4 card with their desired games pre-loaded.

And hardly anyone, it seems, thinks this is a bad thing to do. The practice is so widespread, so commonplace, that it’s done as a matter of course.

Nintendo is trying to fight this, naturally. They have had a little success, but not much. Given the viewpoint of Korea’s gamers, it’s unlikely they’ll really get anywhere. And keep in mind this means all types of gamers, including what’s called the “casual” market.

Y’know, it might make more sense for Nintendo to sell those R4 cards. I wouldn’t be surprised if they would make some money that way.

DS Piracy In Korea on Gamasutra