If you’re playing Hellgate: London, you may not want to go past the “more” prompt, because this discusses a major spoiler. On the other hand, if you’re just thinking about HG:L, you probably do want to read on.

Simply put, you lose. That’s what happens at the end of the game. Shamus Young posted about that today on his blog, and I have to admit being shocked to read it.

This is a game from ex-Blizzard designers, guys who worked on Diablo 2. What were they thinking? Were they even thinking? I’m sure glad I didn’t get this one. To go through all that, and have the demons win at the end would have been intolerable. I could almost see my fist going through the monitor.

There is absolutely no reason to play a game where you lose at the end, through no fault of your own. I can see it happening if you make a lot of stupid choices along the way. But when you’re doing the “right” things and the game screws you over regardless, it shows the devs have no consideration for the players.

“Let’s do something different. We’ll have the player lose at the end. Big Twist!! What fun! Whee!” Yeah, what fun. Of course, you could always stop before that point, but there’s not much satisfaction in doing so.

Y’know, some people wondered if Blizzard would be hurt by a bunch of experienced designers leaving. As it turns out, Blizzard is doing fine. Maybe it was a good thing those guys left, after all.

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