With three little newsbits to put up, I decided it was better to stuff them all in one post than have three cluttering up the place. And no, the Blizzard announcement is not about D3 ;).

Spiderweb has officially announced Geneforge 5, with planned releases “Winter ’08” for Mac and “Spring ’09” for PC. As many already know, this will be the conclusion of the series, one way or another. Personally, I’m hoping you can rid the world of shaping powers once and for all. Then there wouldn’t be much to fight about (but people always find something).

GF5 page on Spiderweb

Just in time for the upcoming WWI in Paris, Blizzard has announced a “new layer of security” for WoW accounts, at least in Europe.

It’s a little electronic doodad that generates a random digital code with each use. After associating it with your account, you have to use the generated numbers each time you log in, along with your regular user name and password.

The device will be sold at the WWI for 6 euros, and will be available later from Blizzard’s online store. This form of authentication is optional, and players are not required to buy one if they’d rather not.

Some may think Blizzard is just out for some extra bucks. However, from what I’ve read around the ‘net, WoW account hacking and item theft has become a serious problem. And getting everything straightened out – with no guarantee it won’t happen again – is a big concern.

No mention yet if this will become available to players in the U.S. but I suspect it will eventually. Read about it here:

Blizzard’s New Security Device

Finally, a few days back in Low Scores Equals Piracy?, I reported that Atari was threatening legal action over an early review of Alone In The Dark.

Now there is a post up on the Spong website that Atari and 4Players.de have had a little talk, and the matter is history. It was apparently an over-eager legal department that started the whole thing. Apparently.

Whatever, it seems that low scores or no, early reviews or no, Atari isn’t going to be suing anyone. And given their shaky position these days, that’s probably a smart move.

Atari Not Suing on Spong