I’ve been running into an odd problem when quitting the game. You can quit either to the main menu or direct to the desktop. The last couple of times I’ve gone to desktop, an error message popped up saying “Acknex encountered a problem”, although closing that box simply took me to desktop with no other apparent happenings.

Another strange thing occurred when I was looking at the map. I’d just loaded up a new session and was pondering where to go, when suddenly the game restored itself to a different save. I have no idea why that happened. I restored to where I wanted to be, and everything was fine. Hmmm.

Update: I just installed the 1.1 patch for Daemonica, and on exiting, the game choked. Had to bring up task manager and end with that. Ouch. I also went back to the 1024×768 resolution, which didn’t help. However, at least the game isn’t freezing on exit. Guess I’ll be getting in touch with tech support about this. Fortunately, it’s minor.

I should mention that the map looks like a hand-drawn one, and very nicely, too. As you visit places, they are marked with a red X. Mousing over tells you the location’s name, and clicking on it will bring you right there. Very helpful for quick travel. However, you can’t mark anything on the map yourself, which is a downer.

Anyway, I have made some progress in the game. The potion stuff isn’t as bad as I thought. I’ve even managed to speak with the dead. That wasn’t so easy. You have to answer several questions in the Temple Of Sacrifice, and the manual is silent on how to do it. Finally found out that the left mouse button cycles through answers and the right button chooses.

Just had my first fight. Combat sucks. Took me five or six tries before I won. There are only two moves: attack and defend. Attack is with the mouse and you simply click on the target. Defending is done with the space bar; simply holding it down puts Nick in a defensive posture. The problem is timing. Deciding when to defend and when to attack is not easy. At least the combat animations are good. I just hope there won’t be too much more of this in the future.

I’ve discovered the game is divided into multiple acts. How many I don’t know; the manual doesn’t say. My guess is probably three, perhaps four. Just got into Act 2. Woke up to find the exterior of my cozy home is drenched in blood. Cheery.

More later on this thrilling saga.