Some people may be bored of Halo, but this is something different. A Halo board game. Really.

Concocted by Genius Products, Inc. and B1 Games, the Haloâ„¢ Interactive Strategy Game will be coming out later this year. Now, most board games by their nature are interactive, as it usually requires two or more to play them.

Maybe that’s nitpicky, though, because HISG also “features unseen exclusive DVD content to enhance game play”. Perhaps that’s where the “interactive” part comes in. So not only do you sit down to play a board game, you get to watch your TV as well!

Buried in the press release is the real catch, the real moneymaker for this product: “…command armies of three-dimensional collectible character pieces”. Ah yes, those collectible figurines. Along with additional stuff they plan to bring out (providing the game is a hit, of course).

The game is rated for ages 10+ and hyped as family entertainment. Which I found interesting, given this: “…or go head-to-head in interactive battle sequences with Slayer or Capture the Flag modes”. Yeah, there’s nothing like mom, dad and the kids sitting around playing “Slayer”. The family that slays together stays together.

No doubt those buy this game will end up spending far more than they’d pay for just the original Halo games themselves. But it’s well known that rabid fans of anything, not just games, don’t mind paying and paying for what they love (or obsess over).

Then again, for those who may not have a console on which to play Halo, this might be an acceptable substitute. In the meantime, someone get some balm for that poor cash cow; it’s really feeling sore these days.

Halo board game press release on kotaku