Over at rpgwatch, they’ve posted an interview with Thomas Riegsecker about Eschalon: Book II, and if Basilisk can pull off what the piece covers, I’ll be impressed.

You recall how I felt when they announced “food and water” would added to the game. Now Thomas is saying this will be optional. Players can choose if they want that feature activated or not. YAY!

In fact, there appears to be a number of ways we’ll be able to customize the game experience, including having a female character this time around, and that is all to the good. I expect the passionate debates on the forums went a long way towards these “choose what you want” features.

And I’m all for it. The more designers can allow us to play the way we want, the better for everyone. It’s great that Basilisk is listening to both sides and doing their best to accomodate each of them.

So check out the interview and see what you think. I was, by the way, especially taken with Thomas’ comments on “pure builds” vs. “mixed class”. It’s about time someone came out and said that not all classes have to be perfectly balanced.

Book II interview on rpgwatch