This has nothing to do with computer games. But it was something that seemed so strange to me, I just had to mention it. I’m talking about chess boxing.

That’s right, a combination of chess and boxing. The opponents play chess for a little while, then they box for awhile, then they go back to chess, etc. This year’s world champion is a 19-year-old Russian math student, Nikolai Sazhin. Interestingly, he played under the game handle, “The President”.

It does remind me, in a tangential sort of way, of Archon, which was a type of computer chess game with “living pieces” who fought for the squares on the board. Captures were never a sure thing. I admit I never did well with that one myself.

This chess boxing, though, isn’t quite the same, since the players alternate between the two modes. Just imagine if it were like Archon: on RxP the two opponents get up and duke it for the square. Now that would be chess boxing!

Still, the whole thing seems weird to me. What’s next? Checkers Wrestling? Hmm. I’m sorry I mentioned that; it might give someone ideas.

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