This just in: Australia’s classification board has refused a rating for the upcoming Fallout 3. That makes it illegal to sell the game down under.

Of course, Australia’s classification board has long been notorious for being mired in an antiquated mindset that still thinks “games=kids”. The highest rating is for 15-year-olds. They have no “mature” rating. So any game deemed “unsuitable” for a mid-teen is banned.

Bethesda so far has no comment on the matter. Likely that will change in the near future. Personally, if I were Bethesda, I wouldn’t change the game so it’s “okay for the kiddies”.

That would probably make a lot of Aussie gamers unhappy. Then again, Australian gamers have been living with this idiocy for a long time. Is anyone or any organization even trying to get the board to revise its rating system? Stupidity of this nature only further encourages piracy.

Fallout 3 banned on Kotaku Australia