CD Projekt, best known for The Witcher, has a new, umm, project they’ll be unveiling in September: bringing back some “oldie but goody” PC games.

This isn’t your typical Valve-type scheme. They’re picking out the best older games, roughly the last ten years or so (like Fallout). Then they ensure that these games will work under XP/Vista, with a special interface.

The games will sell for either $5.99 or $9.99, and come with NO DRM. None. No online activation. No installation limits. Want it on your home PC and your laptop? Go right ahead and put it on both.

CD’s website, (gog for Good Old Games) is live now, kinda sorta. They’re accepting applications for a closed beta test to begin on August 1st, with the live version available in September.

Shacknews (bless ’em) has a 3-page interview with Tom Ohle of CD Projekt, which will give you more details. It’s well worth reading. Hey, maybe they’ll do Quake. Gosh, I’d love to play the original again.

CD Projekt GOG interview on Shacknews

Good Old Games website