Well, I almost gave up. Things were moving along, slowly, but moving. Then I had to find a certain herb, which required a certain potion and some other actions I won’t detail. Can’t give too much away here.

But I really had one hell of a time finding that special herb. Over and over again, trying things this way and that way. Did a lot of restoring on this little mission. Finally – huzzah! – I found the unmentionable plant. I was looking a little too close to the river.

It’s important to find it quickly, because the potion you have to drink is also a poison, and your hit points start dropping. I managed to get back with the herb in good shape. Only the cure dropped me down to a generous 10 hp. Wonderful.

Then there’s sword training. This is not to the death, but you can come out of it badly wounded if you’re not careful. Maybe even if you are. The reason to go through this is to learn another form of attack.

Problem is, I’m a little low on healing stuff. That means running around on another herb hunt. That was cute at first, but it’s becoming a bore now. This is where I start wishing the game had a cheat code or two.

So anyway, continuing on with the game, I keep coming across dire warnings for the future, but not much in the way of hard information. This would be a little more interesting if they’d provide more in the way of data. And the “blood on the house” business has not lead to anything, either.

Had two fights. The first with a bandit that required several restores, and another with someone else. That one was a bit easier, though I had to redo it a couple of times.

There aren’t many puzzles as such. So far, it’s been mainly figuring out who to talk to, and then figuring out what to do. I think what has me bothered most is that while the game is progressing, I’m still not even close to what the real story is here. But I’ve come to the end of Act 2, so perhaps at least a few things will become clearer.

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