We kid around about games here from time to time. As many know, I usually refer to Neverwinter Nights 2 as Neverwinter: The Movie. And Xian thinks of Planescape: Torment as Planescape: The Novel. But PS:T is about to be overtaken.

From what I’ve read on the ‘net, Fallout 3 will have forty thousand lines of dialogue. Let’s be conservative and say each line is five words. That’s 200,000 words. Enough for a trilogy? Quadrilogy? Several lifetimes of reading?

Of course, I don’t expect anyone will see all of that in one playthrough (at least, I sure hope not!). Yet, could we say this might be a trifle on the excessive side? There were times in PS:T I felt I was reading more than doing. What is it going to be like in Fallout 3?

It would seem that conversation is going to be a very big deal in the game. I wonder how that will go over with the action crowd. Especially if much of that talk is exposition rather than conversation. We already know that many gamers prefer not read a lot in their games, along with having a habit of clicking through dialogues as quickly as possible.

Does any game really need 40,000 lines of dialogue, however well-written they may be? Even if a good portion will be in the epilogues (and we recall that FO 3 is supposed to have 200+ endings), that still seems to me far too much talk for a game, particularly a single-player one.

What do you think? Are you as stunned as I am over so much verbiage? Or doesn’t it matter?