From time to time, I wonder about the computers used by developers. The guys who design those “A” titles, like Crysis.

Are these systems off the shelf? Custom jobs? Overclocked? I can’t recall ever seeing mention of the specs for development machines. They seem to be a deep, dark secret of the designers.

Maybe they use such high-end systems that only the hardest of the hardcore crowd – the ones who play at 3840 X 2400 on wide-screen plasma monitors – have comparable equipment.

Then again, perhaps they really do all their design work on a Mac, and then port it over to the PC. It wouldn’t surprise me ;)

Seriously, however, I would like to know what computers the devs use. I’m sure their systems are far more than what the typical gamer has today. It would be interesting to compare what’s used to create a game with what’s used to play it.

After all, if the designers are using custom systems while the typical player has an off-the-shelf Dell, that could go some way in explaining why there seem to be so many incompatibility problems with new releases.

Yeah, those developer computers, they’re really mystery machines. I wouldn’t mind having one myself. Just think how well the game would run, especially after the first patch or two!