There are some good things about New York State. There are some bad things. And then, there’s stupid.

The stupidity of today is the new video game law that has just been signed. In order to protect our youth, and inform parents, all video games sold at retail must display a rating.

You know, like “M” for “mature” or “E” for “everyone”. Yes, we certainly need this. After all, the ESRB has only been around how many years, doing this very job? But then, Albany has been cut off from reality for quite some time.

And to further ensure that kids don’t see/play anything terrible, the law requires that as of September 1, 2010, all new gaming consoles sold in the state will need to have parental lockout features.

I can just imagine how many parents will use that. Probably about as many that use the lockout feature on their TVs.

But wait – there’s more! What would a new law be without a commission? Yes, a committee is going to (cough) investigate the possibility of violent games making children violent. And to be fair, they even have a couple of people from the gaming industry on board. Two out of sixteen.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is wasteful, ridiculous, redundant, and completely worthless. Taxpayers’ money down the drain. Who knows, they may even raise taxes or institute new ones to pay for this idiocy.

The bill serves no useful purpose, except perhaps as political vote-grabbing and PR: look how we protect our kids! What we need is protection from politicians with no sense and no grasp of reality.

Yeah, New York. Good things. Bad things. And then, there’s stupid.

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