You don’t believe it? I can tell you in one word: Google. The behemoth is looking at in-game advertising, and if it comes off, the future is bleak.

Really bleak. Consider this quote from the article on venturebeat, and try to keep your stomach under control:

In demos of the technology, a game character can introduce a video ad, saying something like, “And now, a word from our sponsor,” before showing a short video at the end of a sequence in a game.

Just what we need, eh? Nothing like a few ads to break up the flow of play and annoy you (I leave stronger words to your imagination). It gets worse, however. Oh yeah, it does. Later in the article, we have this gem:

Google’s technology can be applied to console games, disk-based PC games, web-based PC games and cell phone games.

So no form of gaming is safe. No matter the type of platform, online or offline, they can stick those unmentionable ads in your games. Video ads, that you probably won’t be able to break out of.

According to the article, advertisers are looking at this as a way to reach that “young male demographic”. Apparently, this group isn’t watching so much TV these days. Whether that demographic will appreciate ads in their games remains to be seen.

I consider the concept repugnant in the extreme. I also fear for the future of gaming, if Google goes ahead with this and it catches on. What will happen if games in the future come splattered with ads? What will be left to play? Indie products? Could they resist the lure of Google bucks? I have my doubts. Yeah, it could be a bleak future ahead.

Google Testing Adsense For Games on venturebeat