Or rather, Hellgate and Mythos. Gamasutra is reporting that job offers have been appearing online from T3 Entertainment, specifically for these two games.

In case you’re wondering, T3 Entertainment is a Korean company that recently acquired a controlling stake in HanbitSoft. So it’s no surprise they’re looking for developers.

What I do think odd, though, is that with all the layoffs at Flagship of people who worked on those games, it seems that they haven’t been approached by T3. Otherwise, why the job postings? Then again, this is early news, so some of the ex-Flagship devs may be in negotiation.

Also, as T3 will be opening an office in in San Francisco for this, it looks like they want to continue support for the Western side. There was earlier speculation after Flagship went under that Hanbit might just concentrate on the Asian market.

So it could well be there’s a ray of hope in the darkness, for those who are interested in either HG:L or Mythos.

T3 To Continue Hellgate, Mythos Development on Gamasutra