Okay, I’ve got some answers now, finally. Act 3 opened with a fight, and following that, the long-sought information was revealed. Not exactly earth-shaking stuff, of course. It seems almost every game these days has that “ancient evil rears its ugly snout” plot. One would think there was enough evil in the present to worry about.

For all that, I still don’t know “whodunnit” as far as the original deaths are concerned. On the other hand, the list of possibles grows shorter all the time as other people die or vanish. For all I know, it may even be that one of the later victims was the original killer.

In any case, this turned out to be a short act. Oh, there were a few things to do, of course, along with the inevitable time outs for herb gathering. Also a second nasty fight (I am really coming to hate those combats).

And then there’s stupid. I hate when the character I’m running does something idiotic. You know: it’s “part of the plot” that he or she acts in some totally dumb fashion, and always out of your control. Arggh!

Anyway, it’s on to Act 4. Perhaps the end is in sight. I hope.

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