Not for Blizzard (or, these days, Activision Blizzard). They’ve just started a massive recruiting drive for World Of Warcraft.

Among the temptations to sign up friends (provided one has any friends who aren’t playing WoW by this time) are extra experience, 30-day credits (no limit), exclusive in-game mounts, and a free level.

Of course, the recruited players have to keep playing. It begins with a current player inviting a friend via a special 10-day trial. After that, the new person has to upgrade to the full retail version, and keep playing.

You’d think that with its current base, WoW would have more than enough players already. So why this big drive to bring in new blood? I have the feeling that Blizzard may be feeling some heat.

First, Age Of Conan got off to a blistering start. I don’t know what the current figures are, but I recall that a million units were shipped. That’s a good beginning, although whether AoC can keep up the pace remains to be seen.

Then there’s the long-awaited Warhammer Online, scheduled to open this September. That could pull in a lot of players.

Of course, Blizzard has Wrath Of The Lich King coming up. But is that enough to grab new players? Especially with AoC and Warhammer available?

I doubt whether either game alone could make a challenge to Blizzard’s dominance. Together, though, they might cause some erosion in the WoW player base. Competition…what a concept!

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