I’m sitting here with a feeling of malaise. Or writer’s block. Or mental stultification. Or something.

Sure, I could write a few words about the hysterical Spanish cab drivers who want GTA IV banned. You know, because of the incident I posted about in Thailand Pulls GTA IV. But this stuff has happened before, and I’m so tired of the media-generated paranoia.

Then there’s Diablo 3. I’m getting nervous about it; Blizzard is talking about adding “more story” to the game, for one thing. But we don’t really know much about it, despite all the coverage. And it’s far from finished; a lot can change between now and the release. Whenever that is. Going by a post on IGN’s Vault, they’ve got maybe 1-1/2 Acts worked up. And there hasn’t been a hint about the three other classes in D3. I wonder if even Blizzard is sure what they are.

Is there any aspect of RPGs we haven’t discussed before, more than once? I can’t bring any to mind. It seems to me we’ve covered just about everything by now.

Yeah, my mind feels like it’s all bricked up or something. Anyone got a sledgehammer?