Okay, the game is done. Act 4 was not pleasant, with three fights that had to be done (and the usual restores). The big problem with the combats isn’t so much coming out alive, but coming out alive in decent shape. Healing can only be done with potions, which means running around hunting for herbs.

Also, inventory being limited to twelve items, and not always knowing if something will be needed again, you can allot only so much space to the potions. Herbs don’t take up any room, since they go into a special bag (which does, however, occupy one slot). But there are those other objects, and sometimes decisions are tough to make.

Anyway, I ended up in a crypt, which is the endgame. It seems strange to me that they then added an Act 5, which is very short, and which is still in the crypt. The whole thing could have been Act 4, under the circumstances.

Happily, there was only one fight in 5, and either he was a poor swordsman or I got lucky. Did the combat first time and came out with no more than a scratch. Right after that comes the conclusion, with a choice to make, and the game is over. I will have more to say about this in the review, which should be posted in a couple of days.