Hey, remember Origin Systems? You know: Ultima. Wing Commander. Sure you do. Did you know there are dedicated fans archiving material from that company? I didn’t, until today.

In fact, a ton of stuff was just unearthed by a group of fans from wcnews.com (that’s “wc” for Wing COmmander) and The Origin Museum. It seems a cartload of old material from Origin was sent over to EA Mythic. I’m amazed by that, actually. One would have expected them to dump the stuff; instead, they preserved it. Score one for EA there.

Altogether, the fans have about 1 terabyte of material of various kinds. Naturally, it will take them quite awhile to go through it all. Some of what they found includes: artwork from the unreleased Privateer 3; Over 20 design docs for various Wing Commander, UO and UO2 projects; and videos of interviews w/Mark Hammil, Richard Garriott, Star Long (who?), and others.

How much of that will be made public, and when, is unknown. Probably not any time soon. But I sure would love to dive into some of that material myself. By the way, I looked in on the Origin Museum, and was disappointed that they had very little on the Ultima series (needs work! needs work!).

Origin Systems Treasures Unearthed on artfulgamer.com

The Origin Museum