What? Censorship? You betcha. It’s time someone came out against certain adjectives that have proliferated to the point of being unendurable. And, for that matter, almost meaningless.

Cool. “We have some cool weapons in the game…”. “The graphics are really cool…”. “The game has some really cool features…”. So what are they trying to say? What, exactly, does “cool” mean in any of those sentences?

The weapons are fantastic engines of destruction? The graphics are amazingly realistic? The game has features that will astound and delight you? Then why not say so?

“Cool” conveys no meaning, except as a sort of vague shorthand for “this is good stuff”, which in itself is rather vague. There’s no reason to drop that word in everywhere, aside from plain laziness.

Awesome. There isn’t very much about games that actually invoke a feeling of awe. Typically, this word is used to describe the visuals. Why bother? Today’s “awesome graphics” will be next year’s “old hat”. Maybe in just six months, rather than a year.

Besides, if people can be “awed” by a bunch of pretty pixels, they’ll never know it when something truly “awesome” comes along (which is rarely, anyway). For the nonce, why not “stunning”, “incredibly beautiful”, “eye-boggling” (I made that up; if the mind, why not the eye?), “dazzling”, or “astonishing”?

Still, I could probably live with the above, if THAT word stopped being used. The word that has spread like a cancer, that “describes” almost every game that comes along today. You know what it is:

Immersive. I grit my teeth every time it shows up. Why do they all use that same one term? Everyone sounds like a parrot, squawking “Immersive! Immersive!”. You’d think it was in the contract: “You must describe your game as ‘immersive'”.

As though there were no other way of telling you that a game world is “compelling”, “enthralling”, “intriguing”, “engrossing”, or “pulls (or draws) you in completely”. Just for starters.

It would help if the people who write the previews, reviews, press releases and whatnot got their hands on a thesaurus and good dictionary. There are far more descriptive words out there than “cool”, “awesome” and “immersive”. We might then be able to read articles that generated some real excitement and interest. In the meantime, let’s ban a few words…