While MMOGs aren’t my thing, you know I’ve been following the whole Flagship mess in Flagship Sinks, Darkness Falls, Hellgate: Out Of Limbo?, and Flagship Seattle Resurfaces. The story has been somewhat convoluted and unclear up to now. Now, however, in a lengthy interview, Bill Roper sheds much light on the situation.

Yes, it is lengthy, running to eight pages on 1up, and Bill doesn’t give short responses to the questions. It is definitely worth reading, however.

He is remarkably honest about many things, in particular the failure of the company as a whole. Basically, that came down to a couple of factors: (1) poor financial planning and management, and (2) trying to make Hellgate: London everything to everybody.

We know that trying to please everyone never works; you only end up disappointing them instead. I was also amazed to see how many “localized” (different language) versions of HG:L they worked on. They simply wanted to do too much in the time available.

In some ways, this reminds me of the Gathering Of Developers, a company that fell apart for much the same reason: inability to handle the financial side of things, with proper project management.

From the interview, it seems there is little hope that any of the originals will be working on either HG:L or Mythos any time in the future. For that matter, the future of both games is still unknown, even though Hellgate is still up and running.

Take some time and check out the interview, sad though it is.

Bill Roper speaks out at last on 1up