Of course, we already knew that. However, it’s always nice to have some confirmation. Especially confirmation that comes with big numbers.

According to Rand Stude, president of the PC Gaming Alliance, in 2007 PC gaming pulled in $10.7 billion in revenue. Almost half of that, $4.8 billion, came from online games (I wonder how much WoW contributed to that figure). The rest was split among retail sales, digital sales, and advertising revenue of one kind or another.

While the online revenue was about twice that of retail, still $2 billion or so is a pretty healthy number for boxed product. Especially for a platform that so many have bemoaned as “dead” or “dying” in regard to games.

Now that these figures have come out, perhaps people will wake up and realize that there’s still plenty of life (and profits) in the PC. Even with the piracy problem, there’s money to be made here. Something to think about.

PC Gaming A $10.7 Billion Industry on kotaku