There’s nothing like publishing a “collector’s edition” of a game for squeezing some extra cash out of gamers’ pockets. Fallout 3 is a case in point.

The game is set for an October 28th (this year ;) release, apparently on three platforms simultaneously: PC, Xbox, and PS3. Amazon is taking preorders for all of them, fancy editions included.

For the person who just wants FO3 itself, the game is listing at a mere $49.99 on the PC. Console owners, for whatever reason, will have to ante up another $10.

But maybe you like the glitz. Maybe you want something more. In that case, the regular “collector’s edition” is for you. Checking in at a mere $69.99 ($10 more on consoles), you can enjoy the following: a Vault Boy Bobblehead, “The Art of Fallout 3” (hardcover book with concept art), “The Making of Fallout 3” (DVD) and a Vault-Tec Lunch Box (the game’s package).

What? Still not satisfied? You find that all too mundane? You have more money to throw away…I mean, at the game? Then, for those who want to be truly elite, you have to get’s Exclusive Survival Edition for just $119.99 ($10 more on consoles).

For that outrageous price, you will be the proud owner of a life-size replica of the Pip-Boy 3000, the in-game PDA device. According to the blurb on Amazon’s site, this has been “painstakingly recreated and modified for real world display as a digital clock”. And, of course, you also get everything in the “ordinary” collector’s edition.

I wonder how many of those “exclusive” editions will pop up on eBay a couple of days after release. Probably quite a few, since you can only buy the “Pip-Boy” from Amazon; it won’t be available anywhere else.

Yep, there’s money to be made from those collector’s editions. Get yours now while supplies last ;)