Now that Coyote has some time to spend on fun (instead of crunching), he’s finally gotten around to playing Wizardry 8. And he’s been doing a “game in progress” series of posts on his blog.

At the moment, he’s in Trynton, having a hard time with those “little naked winged women”, also know as “pixies”. I remember them, and I hated them with a passion when I played the game. They were certainly among the tougher opponents you had to fight.

Speaking of fights, the Trynnie patrols would pitch in and help whenever enemies showed up. But I often wished they wouldn’t, as it seemed they were always between my party and the monsters. This made it impossible for my melee characters to do much for a quite awhile; it also extended the fighting, making for longer combats.

On the other hand, Coyote seems to appreciate having some extra “cannon fodder”, despite the lengthy fights. Then again, this is his first time through Wiz 8, and it’s not an easy game by any means.

For all that, I think he’s making good progress. And overall, he’s enjoying himself (aside from pixies and terrible roads ;). The posts are a fun read, too. Take a few moments and check them out (especially if you played Wiz 8 yourself). The link below goes to the first one, which is cross-linked to the others.

So a Samurai, a Valkyrie, and a Bishop Walk Into a Bar…