…maybe. As I mentioned in Nostalgia: Diablo 2, I pulled out the game awhile back and started playing again. However, there was something about the jewel case which finally penetrated my mind. It has four compartments, but only 3 CDs.

The Install, Play, and Cinematics disks are all there. The fourth section is empty. At first (this being the Collector’s Edition), I thought it might be the soundtrack. But no, it was sitting happily in its own case in the music section of my CD carousel.

Okay, what about the DVD with “bonus material”? Nope, That was residing (somewhat buried) in its own case, on top of the carousel. And it wasn’t the manual. That’s a tall one, would never fit in the case.

I did some quick searching around the ‘net, but couldn’t find a complete description of the contents of the CE. And now that I realize something is missing, it’s nagging away at me.

Obviously, the CD (if it exists) isn’t needed to install/play D2. So it must be some kind of “bonus” disk, I think. Did any of you out there buy the Diablo 2 Collector’s Edition? If so, what is that fourth CD? What am I missing? Help put my mind at ease! (At least until I find out, and then have to go looking for it…).