So, anyone play any computer games over the holiday weekend? I gather from his blog that Coyote has pulled himself away from Wiz 8 to do some work on Frayed Knights. That doesn’t count as “playing”, though ;).

In a fit of madness, I reinstalled the Lord Of Destruction expansion for Diablo 2. There were any number of things I didn’t like about LOD, or rather, the patch that came with it. However, for whatever reason, I wanted to try out the Druid again.

Naturally, I went looking for a cheat program. Since this was the original LOD release, V1.07, most programs I came across wouldn’t work with it. Ummm. What, play honest? Did I have a choice?

So I started up a Druid. Y’know, I’d forgotten that playing honest is tough. A slog. It’s work. Not that he died, mind. I know this game well enough to keep my characters alive now.

Well, I got him up to level 9 (and it was only the new toys that kept me staying with it that long). That’s where I said: “Somewhere on the ‘net there has to be an editor that will work with 1.07″. There were many somewheres, actually. Unfortunately, a lot of them also featured “warez”, “keygens”, “cracks”, etc. Not the kind of place I’d want to download from. Or even visit.

Finally, however, persistence paid off. I did find a program that would do the job (yay!). I buffed my guy a bit, and life was much better. No walk in the park, but at least he was a lot more competent.

Druids aren’t really all that great in the offense department (I was running a combination Elementalist/Summoner). I had a regular parade with me: ravens, wolves, and the Rogue merc from Act I. Without them, I dunno if I could have gotten through it.

As it was, if I hadn’t had those ravens, I might still be trying to kill the Big D. Ravens are immortal. They have a specific number of attacks, then fade out. So yeah, Diablo was pretty much pecked to death by a bunch of birds. My guy spent most of his time evading fire and lighting; I don’t think he even got one good shot on Diablo. Kinda takes the edge off victory. So much for Druids. Ho hum.