Dedicated mom gamer. Over at The Escapist, Kimberley Ann Sparks has an article up on how she prepared for the birth of her daughter: games.

It’s not every mother-to-be who hauls a laptop and DS to the hospital maternity ward. Or plays video games while in labor. For that matter, when the gift registry folks asked what the baby’s room decor was, she answered: “Space Invaders”. Heh.

Just so you understand, the gaming wasn’t an obsession with her. Studies have shown that concentrating on playing games can help alleviate pain. There’s nothing like an intense session of Half-Life to make you forget the outside world for a time ;)

Yeah, she doesn’t just play those “casual” titles like Bejeweled. Kimberley likes the tougher ones, too. Give the article a read. Positive stories about games aren’t so easy to come by these days.

Playing Mommy on The Escapist