A short time back, in Remember Good Old Games?, I posted about a GOG beta tester’s impressions of the service. Now CD Projekt is opening beta to everyone.

What’s especially nice is that everyone who signs up by this Sunday (Sept. 7th), and buys one game, will receive a special code for one free game (your choice of game). Sign-up for the service is free.

Of course, it’s also a way to generate some early cash flow, but why not? They have some good games available, and the prices are right. And hey, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to play some of those oldies without having to jump through a lot of tech hoops?

Check out the article on Voodoo Extreme and sign up while there’s still time. After all, given the responses to my Labor Day post, it’s obvious that folks around here like those older (and usually better) games ;).

GOG Beta Sign-up on Voodoo Extreme