Really, yeah, this has nothing to do with gaming. But I just found it so incredible, I had to mention it. Because it’s not every day you come across someone who decides to do a little rowing. From California to Hawaii. Alone.

Roz Savage did just that thing. It took her 99 days, 8 hours and 55 minutes to cover the 2,600 miles, arriving in Hawai on September 1st. All I can think is that this woman must have been in terrific shape (at least at the start) to row a boat that distance and not collapse.

She wasn’t out of touch, though; Roz had plenty of high-tech gear along and even updated her blog as the journey progressed. Still, I think it would be a harrowing experience to be alone out there in a rowboat on the Pacific Ocean.

You can read a quick recap on the Mental Floss site (where I learned about Roz), and pick up more info on Roz’s blog. Give a look. Oh, and this is just the beginning; Roz actually plans to row around the world. Woof!

Roz Savage Rows To Hawaii on Mental Floss

Roz Savage’s blog