For the last couple of days, posts have been appearing around the ‘net about the upcoming game Dead Space being banned in Germany, Japan, and China. Supposedly banned, that is.

The first report surfaced on Destructoid, and spread from there quite rapidly. Since they didn’t give a link to anything official, I kept it in mind but considered it rumor.

Then Gamespot put up a post with a link to the Dead Space blog. However, following it brought me to “page not found”. Obviously, the post there had been pulled. That made me really dubious.

Now Gamepolitics has commented on the matter, and they’re not buying it. They’ve contacted EA several times, and received no response. Meanwhile, GP points out that Dead Space has passed the boards in both the UK and Australia (and we know how tough they are).

So what’s going on here? There’s no way of knowing just yet. Maybe it was a cheap PR trick to generate interest and controversy in the game. Maybe the original poster misunderstood something and made an error (a big one).

EA saying nothing about it does give one pause for thought. Then again, it may just be embarrassment over someone’s faux pas. Of course, no matter what they come out with, most people will believe it was a deliberate attempt to get some free publicity. And who knows, maybe it was. Gamers don’t have a lot of trust in companies these days.

So if you’ve heard about this, before getting all upset, check out the post on Gamepolitics.

Dead Space Ban We’re Not Buying It