Coming on the heels of today’s earlier post about Spore‘s DRM, Gareth Fouche has revealed his own DRM plans for Scars Of War.

Being an indie, Gareth isn’t going to spend years of his life coming up with CP that will be broken in the first 24-48 hours. Yes, he will have something in place, though exactly what hasn’t been determined yet, aside from requiring a one-time online activation.

I have some qualms about that, especially as Scars is an independent product. We know the big problem: what happens if/when the server isn’t there anymore? Indies, let’s face it, are not famous for longevity.

So online activation may not be a good choice here. On the other hand, Gareth plans on providing, over time, a fair amount of free downloadable content, as well as making his game moddable.

Now those are smart ideas. As he mentions, the modding community can help keep a game going long past its release. Neverwinter Nights is the prime example of that.

Free new content can also keep a game fresh, especially with expansions. Such content coming from the original developer is a big plus. The key feature, of course, is that there’s no charge to registered users. Say, maybe Gareth could offer that content to pirates for a fee! Hmmmm.

Regardless, he certainly has mostly better plans in mind than, say, what people are enduring with Spore and similar games. Take a moment, read his post, and see what you think.

Scars Of DRM on Gareth’s blog