You may recall that earlier this year, Australia refused to classify Fallout 3 because it referenced “real-world” drugs such as morphine. Bethesda changed all the names to fictional ones and the game passed. Now it appears that the changes are global.

Edge has been told by Peter Hines, vice president of PR for Bethesda, that all versions of the game will be the same. That was done to prevent any possible complaints in other countries.

This is a sad thing and I hope it doesn’t become a trend. It seems ridiculous to me that a fake name like “pain ease” (or whatever) somehow makes it okay, where using “morphine” for the same effect is considered “encouraging use of proscribed drugs”.

Did the Australian board really believe that players of FO3 would run right out to experiment with drugs? Next thing you know, your RPG character will walk into a tavern and have to order soda instead of ale.

Of course, Australia still has that top rating of 15+. When are they going to smarten up and realize that games are not just for kids? That classification board seems mired in the Victorian era.

Censors Force Fallout 3 Changes on Edge