Over at onlyagame, Chris Bateman has a post up on why so many game adaptations of films are terrible. He should know, since he’s worked on a few himself, though he names no names.

What struck me most, however, is that such games are popular, and sell amazing numbers of copies. That is in spite of uniformly negative reviews. It would seem that all anyone needs to see is “Hulk”, Spiderman”, “Iron Man” or whatever on the box, and out comes the credit card.

You’d think, considering the generally poor quality of such games, people would be a bit more circumspect about buying them by now. I also wonder how much playing time goes into those games.

Or maybe those who buy them don’t care? Just the thrill (if any) of being able to “be”, say, Spiderman, covers all the faults? Or is that, as fans of a particular movie, they simply want anything and everything related to it?

Whatever the reason, these games are enormously profitable, and that’s a sad thing. Because many games of better quality don’t sell anywhere near as well as the “adaptation trash” does.

Then again, maybe this shouldn’t be a surprise. People will buy any amount of junk if the right brand is on it; the stuff doesn’t have to be a game. Perhaps this is one of the mysteries of human nature: the magic of a name overriding sound judgment.

Film To Game Adaptation on onlyagame