Waiting for in terms of games, that is. We’re almost into the usual Christmas rush, and sadly, there isn’t anything I’m looking forward to getting.

Of course, there’s Fallout 3 next month; the official date is Oct. 28th. Aside from being dubious about Bethesda being able to pull off a good sequel, I doubt my system will be able to run the game. What I could find indicates a faster CPU than I have, and likely the video requirements will be more than I have, as well.

There’s nothing else in the RPG line that comes to mind. At least nothing imminent. Some time in the future, there will be Eschalon: Book II, but not this year. And Spiderweb should have the GF finale, Geneforge 5, early next year for Windows.

Yeah, it sure seems dreary from this vantage point. What about you? What are you waiting for, if anything?