Yes, that Bejeweled. The one and only. Soon, like next Thursday, in a WoW near you. This is not a joke.

According to the post at Wired, World Of Warcraft fan Michael Fromwiller found many hours of boredom in the game. So to ease the monotony, he created a mod called “Besharded”. It was a lot like “Bejeweled”.

Enough like it to catch the attention of PopCap Games. Unlike many companies these days, PopCap didn’t sue Michael. They hired him to write a professional, official version just for WoW.

Score one for PopCap Games in that regard. But the whole thing does make me wonder. Is WoW that dull? Are the waits for the raiding party to assemble that long? And perhaps most important: will Bejeweled start to take over the WoW players? “The raid can wait; I gotta finish my Bejweled game first!”.

I find it especially odd, since Lich King is imminnent. Gee, suppose everyone starts playing Bejweled and forgets about the expansion? Wouldn’t that be something? Heh.

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