We all know about games that fall behind schedule, that run over budget, that have inadequate testing time. Maybe some companies ask too much of their game producers.

2K Games (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Software, a company we’ve heard of before ;) has a job posting up on Gamasutra. Yes, they’re looking for a game producer. Maybe a producer who has several clones.

These days, creating an “A” title (I consider “AAA” to be redundant) is as complex as making a movie. But the producer of a movie is lucky: he only has to worry about one project, one movie. 2K wants someone who can handle multiple projects at once. Among other things.

After reading the job description, I have to wonder if only a Cyborg could handle it. I think a real human being would burn out in a year or two. Or, if not, then some things might not get the attention they deserve. In which case, eventually, perhaps another job notice goes up.

If this is typical in the industry for a producer, then yeah, it could explain a lot about game quality these days (not counting what comes down from the corporate side). Can one person really do all that, without skimping somewhere?

Take a look for yourself and tell me what you think. Personally, I think 2K is asking for a bit too much here.

2K Games producer job listing on gamasutra